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90 Million Voters
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A must read before the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. Perfect for engaging potential voters into the entire election process, from researching local, regional and national candidates to casting one's final vote.

Excellent for supplementing today's public, private and home-school curriculum on such a critical privilege and right (includes a workbook for students).

The examples in this light-read will resonate with junior high, high school, and college age students as well as adults. Includes short chapters and beautiful images designed to enhance the learning process for those who may be easily distracted.

The book ends with a Voter's Pledge that can be signed by the reader to represent a commitment to remain informed and engaged in our political processes.

Parents, get this book for your kids and grand-kids, even if they are not yet old enough to vote. This book will help them engage in student body elections and prepare them to be politically active citizens who will take an active and informed roll in their future.

The foundation of the book rests upon tearing down many of the myths and excuses that non-voters will quickly offer up when asked about their lack of participation in the process.

Readers will find themselves encouraged, empowered and motivated by patriotism to exercise their privilege and their right as a citizen to VOTE.

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